Barracuda Blast

Hi Barracudas,

   It's hard to believe the last week of the season is upon us.  We will be working on Breaststroke at Saturday's practice and Butterfly at Sunday's practice.  We may also find some time for games in these last couple days.

   Meet signup for this Tuesday is Sunday at 5:00 pm.  I have several items planed for this last virtual meet.   First off we will also be using the times from Tuesday night for the TSA virtual championship as well.   To do this we will be judging all heats (not just mains) so all times are official.   Additionally, we will be having the 6&unders do relays with the 7&8s so they can have relay fun as well.   I am going to make every effort to have kids that want to be in relays, be in a relay Tuesday night.   To do this, there maybe exhibition relays where some kids may swim in a relay more than once.   For example a 7&8 boy might swim in a 7&8 relay and then again in a 9&10 exhibition relay so other 9&10s can get to be in a relay too.  So please make sure when filling out your entry you choose the correct availability (Not Available, Available, Available No Early Relays, Available No Late Relays).  Additionally if your swimmer(s) have a preferred stroke for the medley relay, please put it in the coaches notes and I will try to honor all requests.

   Finally, the coaches are challenging the parents to a 4x200 free relay (50 each swimmer).   So parents get your relays together to take on the coaches between backstroke and breaststroke.  

   Due to covid there will be no end of year banquet this year.   Pins (every swimmer gets one) and Medals (first year swimmers only) will be available at Tracey's house later in the summer.   Also make sure you pick up any ribbons from the away meets in the ribbon case.  I will make sure this is out the next couple practices.  

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Coach Mark

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