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Frequently Asked Questions

What swim suit should my swimmer have?

Information on swim team suits can be found under "Swim Meets > Swim Gear" tab. We highly recommend the meet swim team suit is only worn to meets (and not practices). This will ensure the suit will not wear down before the end of the season. 

How do I find the right pair of goggles?
When buying a pair of goggles, take them out of the box before you purchase them. Place the rubber rims of the goggle lens against your swimmer's face. If the goggles will suction to your swimmer’s eye sockets on their own (without straps around the head), the goggles are probably a good fit.

Goggles should be comfortable. If they are not, try different brands or different styles.

Typically, the first thing to dry rot or break on a pair of goggles is the strap. There are alternatives to typical straps, including low cost bungee cords that are easier for swimmers of most ages to adjust.

How do I wash/take care of my suits and goggles?
Soaking your suit and goggles in tap water for 5-10 minutes after each practice will greatly prolong the life of your swim gear.

Meet information:
Arrive in time for your swimmer's age group warm-up time. Have your suit, team cap and googles! We recommend you bring 2 towels and healthy snacks to get your swimmer through the end of the meets. Note most meets will offer concessions (including our home meets). 

Once the heat sheets are final/published, you will want to mark your swimmer's forearm or thigh with their events. See below for proper way to do this. 

What is a “heat”?
During competitions that have races, like swimming and running, athletes are divided into groups. Everyone that steps up to the diving block at the same time is part of the same group or heat.

In summer swimming, each team is allowed to place three swimmers in the first or “main heat”. These six swimmers will race; the top three will score for their age group.


What does “able to swim in early relay” mean?

Selecting that your swimmer is able to swim in an “early relay” means that they are eligible to swim in a medley relay event, which are held at the beginning of meets.

What does “able to swim in late relay” mean?
Selecting your swimmer is able to swim in a “late relay” means that they are eligible to swim in a freestyle relay event, which are held at the end of the meets.

(If you select availability for both “early” and “late” relays, then your swimmer is eligible to swim in both a medley and freestyle relay. Due to attendance levels, your swimmer may not always be picked for one or both relays. Coaches will always try their best to get everyone in a relay, if they sign up for one!)

What does “exhibition” mean?
When an individual event is declared as "Exhibition" or "Unofficial", it means that the Athlete or Relay is swimming for time and is not eligible to score for points / awards.

  • 6 & Under swimmers are only able to swim in 2 scored individual events
  • Swimmers ages 7-18 are able to swim in up to 3 individual events for scoring / awards

How do I remove permanent marker?
After a meet, just spray sunscreen on your swimmer's arm or use a facial wipe and the marker will come right off!

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