Mock Meet Saturday and Meet Tuesday

Hi Barracudas,


     We will be running a mock meet for Saturday's practice.  You will need to sign up for the mock meet so we can produce a heat sheet.   The coaches will be officials so we can determine what to work on Sunday.  The times from the mock meet will be used to seed the meet on Tuesday.  We will not be doing relays on Saturday.  We should be done long before 9:30 am.  We will start with the 6& unders 15 yard freestyle and work our way through the age groups swimming freestyle, we will then move to 6& under backstroke, then breaststroke and finally butterfly.  Please feel free to to choose which strokes your swimmer wants to swim.  Please make your way up to the pool regardless of age groups at 6:00 am.  If you have a swimmer, please think of volunteering for the meet.  This is a good time to try a volunteer role without the pressure of the meet.  If your swimmer is a USA swimmer and cannot make the mock meet, please let me know so I can pull their times from the USA database (or even just send me their times).


Sunday's practice will be a mix of strokes, working on issues we see in the mock meet.   


Tuesday is our first meet and it is at home.  We will be swimming virtually against another team.   We will follow the same order of events as the mock meet above, except we will be doing relays.  The Medley Relay is the first event which features all four strokes and the Freestyle Relay is at the end where all swimmers swim freestyle.   Please sign up for that meet by Sunday at 8pm so the coaches can seed the meet.   Please note during sign up if your swimmer does not want to swim a certain stroke.  This will also signal to the coaches to not put them in that stroke for the medley relay.  We will start warm ups at 5:30 pm with the meet starting at 6:00 pm.   If you will be late, do not sign up to be in the medley relay!

Any questions, feel free to email me. Tomorrow is Backstroke!   

See you at the pool,

Coach Mark

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