Coaches Update

Well we've gotten 3 weeks of practice down and I'm very impressed with the progress the kids are making on some of the harder strokes.  We've got 6 practices left until our first home meet (more details next week) so while we will be working on a stroke a day, we will also start focusing more on dives, turns (11&up), and relays.   

Just a quick note to parents - Please to NOT pry open the gates to the pool.  If the HOA sees the gate open they will complain to the team since it can break the gate.  If the town sees the gate open they can pull the permit for the summer since it's a safety risk.  

6/5 - Backstroke, relays
6/6 - Freestyle, relays, starts, turns
6/9 - Breaststroke (2 HANDS!), relays
6/10 - Backstroke, turns, starts
6/12 - Freestyle, relays, starts, turns
6/13 - Fly, starts

6/15 - Home meet!

See you at the pool,

Coach Mark

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