Information on Year Round swim teams in our area

Hello Fellow Barracudas, 

I hope this email finds you each well in our current circumstances.  Please know that I miss each and every one of you, and I wish you a healthy, happy and relaxing summer.  

Many of you have asked about opportunities to swim this summer and I have not had too much to offer to you until now.  I have been contacted by several of the year round swim teams in our area to share with you how they have each come up with safe ways to return to the sport of swimming.  I have compiled a list as has been given to me and in no particular order you will find attached the information on these organizations.  

As a summary in alphabetical order:  MOR, RSA, TAC Titans, Wave and YOTA.  We live in an amazing area for the sport of swimming.  Each of these 5 teams have something wonderful to offer your swimmer and I encourage you to research each to find your best fit.  I have included the websites for all teams as well as any descriptions that were sent my way.

Do your best to keep swimming and I look forward to seeing you poolside next summer!
Tracey Mizell

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