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Volunteer Signup Time is here!!! 

It's Volunteer Sign-up Day! Sign-up will open up Tuesday, May 28 at 12:00 pm for all meets. Below are the instructions on how to sign-up for a spot. Please only sign-up for 3 spots. While you may see some names on there more than that, those are our expert trainers in those extra spots. If all spots are filled and everyone has gotten the opportunity to meet their requirements, then I will put out a call for extra spots to be filled. 

* Please do not signup for Stroke and Turn or Starter if you have not been to training. If you are interested in attending a clinic to train for those spots, please reach out to me asap!

* In the event that you sign-up for a spot and are unable to fulfill it, it is your duty to try and switch off with someone for another meet. If you need assistance in locating someone then I am happy to help connect you. Please remember that if you don't fulfill your three spots, then you will not receive priority registration next year.

* I am going to request that those of you with older kids, please try and fill the spots the second half of the meet and allow the small fry and 6 & under parents have the first half spots as they are often leaving the meet after Breaststroke.

* I will be sending out reminders each week prior to the meet. Some positions require a bit of training at the meet and mandatory attendance at the pre-meet officials meeting. Please pay attention to the arrival time required so that you are not signing up for a spot that you cannot make in time. 

Step 1: Log-in to the Swimtopia Website www.bcbarracudas.com

Step 2: Click on the View All on the Upcoming Events box on the right side of the page.

Step 3: Click on Job Signup next to the meet you wish to sign up for

Step 4: Click Sign-up for Jobs under the name that you wish to sign-up

Step 5: Check the box next to the assignment that you wish to fill. Please take note of whether you are selecting first half or second half. Please ignore the event numbers. Each meet will vary with the number of events but the website requires a placeholder.

Step 6: Save your assignments by clicking the box at the bottom of the page.

Thank you all and please feel free to email me with questions!

Kori Losack

[email protected]

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