Thank you for a great season

Hi Barracudas,

    I promise this is the last email from me.  

First, if you were not at the banquet tonight, you can pick up your medal (if this is your first year on the team) and your pin (everyone) on my porch at 1900 Napoli Drive in the manors section.   The medals are in your envelope (along with any ribbons) in the ribbon boxes.   There is a bucket full of pins between the boxes.

Second, please pick up your ribbons.  They are in the ribbon boxes on my porch.  This includes ribbons from the TSA Meet where we had the highest score for the team to date at 137.50 points for 26th place out of 45 teams.  

Third, someone left a yeti cup up at the pool.  It is at my house.

And finally, thank you again for letting me show the sport I love to your children for the past four years.  I have loved every minute of it.

Coach Mark

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