Barracuda Blast

Hi Barracudas,

    What a fun meet last night.   I know several of you had challenges with traffic and the good news is next week we are in Cary off of Morrisville Carpenter Road between 55 and Davis Drive, so we'll be going in the opposite direction of traffic next week.   Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make last night very successful.   With the win last night, we will be competing for the Division title next week.  All results have been posted.

Division Championships next week at Carpenter Village

Next week we will be swimming for the Division Championship for the 4th year in a row (note- this is the team's 4th season).  We will be at Carpenter Village which is ranked just below us.  The winner of the meet next week will be the Division Champion regardless of record. The meet is at 707 Carpenter Town Lane, Cary, NC 27519.  Signups will close at 5:00 pm on Saturday.   Those of you that signed up early, there was a limit on events set at 3, but we have since removed the limits.   If your swimmer wants to swim all four events, please login and add the events.   

Poster Contest at next week's meet

We will have our final poster contest at next week's meet.   We will judge the posters at 5:30.  This week's theme is tropical.  Create your best tropical Barracuda poster! Coach Katie and Katia have a bunch of great prizes for next week. 

Coaches Appreciation Week 

As this is the last week of practice, please let your coaches know that you appreciate all that they have done for your kids these past 10 weeks.   Even just a thank you helps us keep our great coaching staff from year to year, so let them know that you are thankful for spending these past 10 weeks helping them become better swimmers.

Ribbon pick up

Make sure you pick up your ribbons at practice.  They are in two plastic file keepers on a table near the entrance to the pool.  Additionally, there is a separate lost and found for items found at swim meets and swim practices. Check out what's there to see if it's yours. 

Practice this week

Tonight and Tomorrow morning we will be working on Freestyle and relays.   Tomorrow night and Friday morning we will be doing Breaststroke and Butterfly.   Saturday is fun day with games.   Next Monday we will work on Backstroke and some other meet prep items. 

Does your child want to continue swimming?

So with this taste of the sport of swimming, does your child want to continue in the sport?  There are several USA Swim teams in the area and they are starting their registration for the 2018-2019 season.  We have swimmers on some of the teams in the area and I'm noting those that are open to discussing their experience with the local teams.   

Marlins of Raleigh (MOR)

Colton Allen (Carrie and Jeremy Allen)

Lakshmi Prasanth (Sreeja Prasanth)

TAC Titans (TAC)

Issac, Stasia, Eden, and Helena Andrzejewski (Steve and Catherine Andrzejewski)

YMCA of the Triangle (YOTA)

Note - YOTA has tryouts for the Cary YMCA due to limited lane space, you would need to schedule this ASAP.

See you at the pool,

Coach Mark

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